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They say that music is the language of the soul, and nothing could be truer


Space Ukes - Ukulele Jam meet every Thursday at 1.00 PM, at St Leonards Community Space

Space Ukes - Ukulele Beginners meet every Friday at 11.00 AM, at St Leonards Community Space


Want to play a musical instrument? 

Try the user-friendly "ukulele" 

Did you use to play the guitar or ukulele and feeling rusty?

Enjoy singing and playing with other people who love music as you do?

"Space Ukes" is the  answer


If you play the Uke  with it's distinct and enjoyable musical style, or even if you have not played much, just come along and have a go, come and join the growing number of Uke players around St Leonards and the Bellarine Peninsula

If you want other people to strum and sing along with or if you have, a song, music, or tune you want to try then this is the place to air it, there is no stage, lights, mikes or anything intimidating, just a happy group sharing the St Leonards Community Space

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Space Uke's Club Mission Statement

To have fun

To play ukulele and sing together

To develop and improve as musicians

To entertain those brave enough to listen to us

To expand our repertoire and develop a range of well-rehearsed songs to cater for any audience

To attract members from all parts of the community

To entertain the folks in care, retirement and aged care facilities

To have fun


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Space Ukes Thursday get togethers

A jam session is a relatively informal musical event, process, or activity where  Ukulele musicians, play together, and vamp on tunes, songs and chord progressions.

Space Ukes - Ukulele Club Jams

Space Ukes - Ukulele Club meets weekly for ukulele jam sessions for people in and around Bellarine area. A fun group who get together to practise, learn new songs and playing techniques

Jam sessions are every Thursday afternoons at the St Leonards Community Space, Blanche Street, St Leonards from 1.00pm to 4.00pm. (Excluding school and public holidays)

Play the Ukulele or learning - then join us. The Space Uke community is very friendly, and supportive.  It caters for a relaxed group of Ukulele players of mixed ability, who prefer to play just for fun and enjoyment in a friendly atmosphere. All members were beginners once, and in many cases not too long ago.  We all learn to extend our repertoire by playing tunes, which increase our knowledge of ukulele chords and strumming patterns, ably led by more experienced players who are happy to pass on their expertise. We play a global array of tunes, from traditional folk numbers and standards to rock, pop, country, reggae and ballads. Something for everyone.

The most important thing to remember is to have fun and enjoy a tea or coffee with us

It is open to anyone over 18 and all you need is a ukulele and a copy of our songbook.


In addition to the Jam Sessions, we conduct Beginner’s Classes every Friday from 11.00am to 12.30pm (Excluding school and public holidays) 

Learn four easy chords to play a wide variety of songs. This is for beginners and assumes no prior musical knowledge. It will get you playing many songs.  The ukulele is an easy instrument to learn, and quickly rewarding.

The most important thing to remember is to have fun and enjoy a tea or coffee with us.

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Ukulele Jams and Lessons

Fees covering either the Jam Sessions or Beginners Lesson are:-

Membership $5.00/half year,

$2.00 per session,

$0.10 per photocopying if required.

Free Coffee and Tea

If you do not have a Ukulele and

are keen to play and/or learn come along

and we can loan you one for the session.



Want to learn more about Space Ukes jam sessions and beginners lessons?
Don’t hesitate to get in touch.

St Leonards Community Space

3/1377 Murradoc Road (corner Blanche Street), St Leonards, Victoria, 3223, Australia

- Note: The entrance is located on Blanche Street - Look for the St Leonards Community Space  Signs

City of Greater Geelong - Bellarine Peninsula - St Leonards

03 5292 2162

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Your -Space Ukes- Community Space Entrance is on Blanche Street

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